Ecological bushes for happy customers

It is important for Pilpo Design to keep its operations as transparent as possible. When production is small, quality is also easy to monitor. Pilpo wants to encourage people away from the disposable culture that burdens our country ball towards ecological and sustainable choices.  All products are carefully manufactured and offer a quality guarantee.

"For example, the product can be sent to us for repair. The customer pays the postage when sending the product to us, but repair of the product and sending it back is free of charge. For example, we are happy to change the frame of a broken bag after several years."

As a small local operator, Pilpo Design is also able to operate flexibly according to customers' needs and wishes.

The customer should preferably order exactly the kind of bag they can use. We do not want to bring any more products into the world that will not be available in the end, but will remain lying on the bottom of the cabinet.

On top of that, a happy customer is the most important thing to me. I only sell products that I would also use myself and that I can stand behind 100%.

Since all Pilpo products are manufactured in Finland, wecan guarantee that they are made in good and safe conditions, with a nice group, and seamspers will be properly paid for theirwork.

The good thing about small production is that we are able to quickly develop new products, such as the coin purses we are now taking into production, where we can use almost all the resulting cutting waste. It's fantastic to see that almost all the material that comes to us goes into use, whether it's new cotton fabric, or recycled leather.